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Commercial Vehicle/ Plant / Agri Tuning

BlueKey Remapping & Tuning Technology

BlueKey is the process we use in delivering a quality service to our clients, in which the potential of your vehicle, your plant, your fleet is unlocked. Where you see the BlueKey logo you can be assured that the service you receive is tailored to your specific engine requirements. The BlueKey process follows procedures to ensure the best quality of service and results for our clients

Intelligent Tuning SolutionsIntelligent Tuning Solutions

Tuning Efficiency

We understand that time is a precious commodity for HGV, plant and commercial operations. Access requirement is minimal, and can fit around the clients' schedule. Mobile service available, we will come to you

Torque and Gear Ratio

Our analysis and adjustment allow optimization of the torque delivery on the whole rpm working range: the result is the improved engine efficiency and the consequent possibility to use a superior gear ratio at lower rpm. Save fuel

Wide Range of Performance Options

Most modern engines have ECU management of performance parameters. We can in most cases offer improvements for our clients. Whether you have HGV, smaller commercial, plant (excavators, dumpers, rollers etc.) Marine (inboard and outboard), Tractors and if you have one vehicle or a fleet of many, contact us to see what we can do for you

Fleet Performance

Fleet managers get the best out of your vehicles and drivers. Use the three key principles to benefit the bottom line profit of your business.
Intelligent Tuning Solutions

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Bespoke Remapping & Tuning Service

All inquiries welcome, email your requirements. Our bespoke service will get the best performance from your engine.